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I want to begin by thanking you - especially the leaders of this amazing congregation. During these very challenging times, the work and ministry of the church has continued to go forward because of faithful and determined people who truly love this congregation, the church of Jesus Christ!  I would like to make this brief and pray that what I share will be helpful to you in fortifying your commitment and love for your faith community.

On Sunday, January 31 we formally launched an all church read: “Anatomy Of A Revived Church: Seven Findings of How Congregations Avoided Death” by Thom S. Rainer. This all-church read is intended to help ignite the spirit within each of us to change/grow for the sake of MAKING OUR VISION REAL, VIBRANT AND RELEVANT for the cause of Christ.

Our Vision:

We envision a church with a vibrant Christian spiritual life where we welcome and value all God’s people…

Where we grow, discover, and share our gifts

 in the church and in the world.

I am asking you to be intentional in listening to this Sunday Worship service on YouTube. You may access it by typing in the following:

or by clicking on the link on our homepage.

You will hear three informative vignettes from three of our church leaders about the book that will inspire and motivate you to catch the spirit to build a stronger and healthier church.

We are still working on how study groups will be formed.  But please begin to read this important book. You will find it easy to read but packed with real stories and examples that have helped many churches to change instead of wither away.

Copies are available on Amazon (there is a link on our Pastor Book Recommendations page) or if funds are an issue we will provide it to you thanks to the generous donation of one of our families. Contact Becky for more details. I hold each of you in prayer as we lean upon God’s understanding, grace and direction.  Remember, it is our unconditional love for God that will show us the way and give us new life.  

 Julius E. Del Pino, pastor


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